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258,000 vs. 1,000,000

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Before the flurry between Obama and Clinton yesterday, both campaigns were trying to prove who is winning the numbers game. Obama bested Clinton in campaign contributors in the first six months with 258,000. But the Clinton campaign, in an effort to mute those numbers, sent out an e-mail touting that it is close to one million supporters. The e-mail calls the number "astonishing" and "humbling," but on closer examination, the Clinton camp is counting people who have signed up for e-mails on the campaign Web site as supporters.

Does that count? After all, even we, the media, are on the Clinton e-mail list.

In other news that got lost in the shuffle, Obama won a Planned Parenthood straw poll over the other Democratic presidential contenders with 42% of the vote. Last week, Obama, Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards spoke at Planned Parenthood in DC and laid out their agendas on women's issues.