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'Shocked' if he doesn't win Ames

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Romney has a healthy lead in recent Iowa polls. Tommy Thompson barely registered in last month's Mason-Dixon poll with just about 2% behind Brownback (6%) and Huckabee (7%) -- not to mention McCain, Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Romney (25%). And he had to hold a conference call last month to tell reporters he wasn't dropping out of the presidential race.

But on his chances at the Ames straw poll, Tommy Thompson told the blog Pajamas Media on camera, "If I don't win, I'll be shocked." He added, "I wouldn't say Romney's in trouble, but I'd say I think it's going to be between Romney and myself."

Hmm. I wonder what the second-tier snipers (er, Brownback) will think of that.

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