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Hillary gets endorsement, speaking gig

From NBC's Mark Murray

Not only did Hillary Clinton today pick up an endorsement from California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D), she also appeared before Feinstein's Senate Rules Committee, where she testified at a hearing on voting reform. "I want to commend the Chairman for her dedicated work on this issue, and I am very honored to be a co-sponsor of her legislation the Ballot Integrity Act," Clinton said, per a copy of her testimony. "Under the leadership of the Committee, I hope we can move toward real reform to fix our broken electoral system and restore the integrity of our elections."

More from Clinton: "Every citizen should have his or her right to vote protected. We must count every vote so that every vote counts. We must return integrity to our ballot process."

Was the endorsement scheduled to today's testimony? And was the hearing a platform for Clinton to discuss a political issue? Feinstein spokesman Scott Gerber says no to both questions, telling First Read that the hearing had been scheduled for weeks. Yet even this is a simple coincidence, it just adds to the perception that the Clinton campaign is doing all of the little things right -- taking advantage of every opportunity.