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Extraneous YouTube Thoughts...

From NBC's Chuck Todd
You've heard the expression, "everything's been said, but not everyone has said it," well, I think there are two things about last night that haven't been said yet. Then again, given the number of political analysts on the web these days, I'm probably wrong about that.

-- 1. Experience. How frustrating is it for Biden/Dodd/Richardson that Clinton and Obama are spatting in such a high profile way over what constitutes "experience"?  And How is it that this is an important part of the debate between Clinton and Obama and the three guys who have longer resumes than either frontrunner (or the guy in third place with the Southern accent), getting short shrift? If Biden/Dodd/Richardson can't catch fire now when there seems to be an interest in how much experience is necessary in the next Democratic nominee, then when will they catch fire? Where's Jon Lovitz when we need him? He could play Biden/Dodd/Richardson in the "SNL" debates and simply mutter: "how am I losing to these guys."


Video: The presidential race is far from over says Dodd

-- 2. Censure. Did we really have a "debate" last night that included four sitting U.S. Senators and not ONE of them was asked about Russ Feingold's censure measure?