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Clinton: Obama 'irresponsible' & 'naive'

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro

In an interview with the Quad City Times Clinton called Obama's answer to whether or not he would meet with leaders who oppose the United States "irresponsible" and "naïve."The Davenport, Iowa paper wrote: "Clinton rejected the idea she reversed herself and added she wouldn't foreclose talks with those leaders. But she wouldn't promise it, either, and she added that Obama is regretting his answer today.

"'I thought that was irresponsible and frankly naive,'" the New York senator said.

We will update when we get a response from the Obama campaign.

***UPDATE 2***Listen to Obama and Clinton's interviews with the Quad City Times.

And talk about a tight campaign, a Clinton staffer also on the line treated the interview like a
conference call and told the reporter,"I think it's time to wrap up." The reporter paused a bit, asked a final question and then the call ended.

****UPDATE****Obama hits back

Obama himself responded to the Quad City Times, saying Clinton was creating a "fabricated controversy" and that what was "'irresponsible and naive' was voting to authorize the Iraq war."

"What she's somehow maintaining is my statement could be construed as not having asked what the meeting was about. I didn't say these guys were going to come over for a cup of coffee some afternoon," he said. "From what I heard, the point was, well, I wouldn't do that because it might allow leaders like Hugo Chavez to score propaganda points. I think that is absolutely wrong."

"He likened the position to a continuation of the Bush administration diplomatic policies," the Quad City Times writes.