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Obama wins CNN focus group

The Obama camp was quick out of the gate -- about 30 minutes after the debate ended -- with a press release containing a transcript of a report of CNN's focus group watching the debate.

Wolf Blitzer: Mary Snow is out in Manchester, New Hampshire, the state with the first primary watching this with some voters who are undecided, Mary, and what kind of sense did you get from those voters?

Mary Snow: Well, Wolf, there's a surprise here tonight. We're here with 24 Democrats, independents, who thought that Senator Hillary Clinton would be the best performer here tonight, but the results that we just got in, this is a focus group; show that Barack Obama got the most favorable in terms of the best performance from the 24 people who are here tonight. Of course, it's unscientific and coming in second senator Joe Biden and third John Edwards. Again, this is all unscientific results from this focus group, but clearly throughout this debate Senator Barack Obama was showing some favorable responses to his answers. Some of the things that he got favorable responses were when he talked about fighting lobbyists, particularly on health care. Wolf.