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Bush's colonoscopy

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell 
Tomorrow at Camp David, President Bush will have a colonoscopy. The procedure will be supervised by his physician, Dr. Richard Tubb, an Air Force colonel. This will be the president's fourth colonoscopy. Because the president will be given anesthesia, Mr. Bush has decided he will transfer power to Vice President Dick Cheney under the 25th amendment. Advisers say Mr. and Mrs. Cheney will be at their home in Maryland on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay all day Saturday, including the time Bush undergoes his colonoscopy. 

Bush's last colonoscopy under anesthesia was June 28, 2002. Power was also transferred then.

A previous exam had detected "benign polyps," and advisers say this ongoing follow-up was required. The time of the transferred power is expected to be two and half hours on Saturday.

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