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Oh-eight (D): P. Simon & Foo Fighters

BIDEN: Joe Biden knew it all along... The Senate GOPers are coming out against the war. "'I've been predicting since January that we will change the minds of 17 Republicans,' he said, which would give Democrats the 67 votes needed to override a presidential veto. 'You've got a lot of folks (moving) in the Republican party now. Why? A) They know he's wrong, and B) They know if they don't move they'll lose, they're gonna lose the next election.'"

CLINTON: The Saturday Boston Globe looks back at the week in Iowa for the Clintons and Obamas, and it lays out the contrasting offers of both candidates. The contrasting reactions were telling: "Bill Clinton's rock-star reception throughout Iowa this week affirms Hillary Clinton's strategic decision to draw on her husband's undiminished popularity among many Democrats, even if it means a steady emphasis on the past. Obama, one of her two top rivals, is engaging audiences as the fresh face with a vision for a less partisan future -- with neither a Bush nor a Clinton in the White House."

The Sunday Manchester Union-Leader previews Bill and Hillary's Excellent Adventure to New Hampshire on Friday.

Over the weekend, Bob Novak was the latest to write how Hillary Clinton is facing criticism for using Mark Penn as a strategist "while he also serves as CEO of Burson-Marsteller, the public relations giant with corporate clients whose policies run opposite to Clinton's."

DODD: Was Dodd upstaged -- again? On Friday, he brought along singer Paul Simon, who sang "The Boxer" and "Mrs. Robinson." One crowd-goer said, "Simon was the draw."

EDWARDS: His hometown paper, the Raleigh News & Observer, assigned its top political reporter, Rob Christensen, to do the what's-happening-to-Edwards analysis piece. "The question is whether this is a dip on the roller coaster or whether his campaign is in a slow-motion decline."

The Politico also reports that Edwards "plans to announce Monday that he'll take a break from fund-raising and campaigning in early-voting states next week for a three-day, eight-state, 12-city 'Road to One America' tour aimed at calling attention to poverty in the deep South, the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia and the Rust Belt. The campaign points out that none of the states he'll visit has an early 2008 primary, and says Edwards won't be doing rallies… The photogenic swing is reminiscent of John F. Kennedy's repeated coal-country campaigning before the West Virginia primary of 1960."

GORE: In NBC's Ann Curry's interview with Gore, she asked him if no one would be able to further the global warming cause in the White House, would he then decide to run, NBC's Lauren Appelbaum reports. Gore refused to rule out a presidential run, saying he doesn't "plan" to run for president. When Curry followed up, pointing out that saying he doesn't plan to run doesn't actually rule out a run, Gore replied, "Well, I'm 59, and 59 is the new 58."

But seriously, forget whether the country is ready to elect a black man or a female president. Are we really ready to elect a president who shouts at the top of the lungs, "And now, let's hear it for the Foo Fighters!"