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Rudy outraises Mitt?

From NBC's Mark Murray

On the surface, it appears that Giuliani outraised Romney in the second quarter, when you subtract the $6.5 million loan Romney gave his campaign. In a press release, the Giuliani camp has just reported raising more than $17 million (versus Romney's $14 million in primary funds), and it announced it has $18 million cash on hand (versus Romney's $12 million).However, Team Rudy's press release doesn't indicate how much of his haul is primary vs. general money. And until we find that out, we won't know the REAL GOP winner of the second quarter (because general election money doesn't matter unless you win the nomination).

So far, our second quarter scorecard for the GOP is:
-- Giuliani over $17 million (but unclear primary vs. general split)
-- Romney $14 million (but with $6.5 million loan from Romney himself)
-- McCain $11.2 million

*** Update *** The Giuliani folks tell us that about $15 million of their $17 million is in primary funds, so they seem to have outraised Romney in the second quarter when you take away Romney's loan. Also, about $3 million of Giuliani's $18 million cash on hand is in general election funds, so Giuiliani has $15 million cash on hand for the primary.

So it's:
-- Giuliani $15 million
-- Romney $14 million
-- McCain $11.2 million