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More oh-eight: the Independents

Over the weekend, the Washington Post did an extensive examination of the growing "independent" electorate, and the paper finds this group is anything but like-minded. The Post says there are five distinct subgroups of "independent" voters.
-- The Disengaged (the indies that don't vote);
-- The Disguised Partisans (they tend to identify with one of the two major parties but the difference between them and actual partisans is that they are MUCH more negative about politics in general);
-- The Deliberators (classic swing voters);
-- The Disillusioned (very upset with the political system, currently very anti-Iraq war though; open to Democrats but more open to an indie candidate);
-- and The Dislocated (socially liberal and fiscally conservative and politically active).

The New York Times profiles Bloomberg's presidential alter ego, Kevin Sheekey. For those trying to get to know Bloomberg World, this is the place to start.

Gallup releases more details of its Clinton v. Giuliani match-up, noting that among all adults, Clinton leads (50%-45%), but among registered voters, Rudy narrowly leads (49%-47%). Also of note, Clinton's strength is thanks to large majorities from blacks and Hispanics. Rudy nabs just 33% of Hispanics.