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More oh-eight: One day until 6/30.

The New York Times covers the money race between Clinton and Obama, noting that Clinton's camp "announced yesterday that it would raise 'in the range of $27 million' for the second quarter of 2007… While Mr. Obama has declined to provide an estimate of second-quarter fund-raising figures, the campaign yesterday sought to signal its financial strength by disclosing that more than 250,000 people had contributed to his presidential race."

In fact, the Obama campaign said it surpassed 250,000 donors yesterday. And Obama himself called the 250,000th donor -- Angela Berg, a teacher from Washington State -- to thank her for the contribution.  She gave $100 last night.

The New York Times notes that a presidential campaign would cause the very private Michael Bloomberg to make a major adjustment. "And, as the revelation this week that he had a heart procedure in 2000 shows, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Mr. Bloomberg to keep that privacy bubble from popping." Hmmmmm. Anonymous automated calls are going out to people living in the New York metropolitan area asking if they would vote for Bloomberg for President.

Speaking of Bloomberg, The Politico's Wilner looks at all of the business tycoons who are running -- or might run -- for president. "It seems like just yesterday that self-made multimillionaire and billionaire businessmen who presumed their private-sector credentials would translate easily into high-level electoral success often flopped. One fabled example in political circles: Al Checchi, another Harvard MBA who amassed a net worth of $600 million, self-financed a run for governor of California in 1998, and was stymied in the Democratic primary by methodical bureaucrat Gray Davis."