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Kucinich's two jobs

From NBC's Andrew Merten

For a good part of the last five years, Dennis Kucinich has held two jobs: Ohio congressman and quixotic presidential candidate. In fact, if his White House bid lasts well into next year (which it probably will), he will have spent two of his last three congressional terms running for president — a sizable amount of time for someone who garnered just 1 percent of the vote in the 2004 Iowa caucuses, and who remains buried beneath other 2008 Democratic presidential contenders in current polls.

His time on the presidential campaign trail hasn't gone unnoticed by his critics. In his 2004 congressional re-election bid, his two opponents — Republican Edward Herman and Independent Barbara Ferris — brought up the votes he missed while running for president, arguing that he was distracted from meeting the needs of his constituents in Cleveland, Ohio.

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