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NH poll: Clinton, Romney in lead

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro

A Suffolk University/WHDH-TV New Hampshire poll shows Clinton with a substantial lead over Obama, and Romney and Giuliani are in a statistical tie. It also shows Edwards slipping and Richardson rising.Clinton led the Democratic pack with 37%; Obama was second with 19%; Edwards and Richardson were tied at 9%. On the Republican side, Romney had 26%; Giuliani was next with 22%; McCain and Fred Thompson were tied at 13%. The margin of error for the poll is 4.38%.

The survey finds Clinton's lead over Obama is significant with voters 56 and older, who went for Clinton overwhelmingly, 47%-15%. Conversely, Obama and Clinton were virtually tied with younger voters (ages 18 to 45) with Obama having a slight 26%-25% edge.

Interestingly, when Gore is factored in, he would actually be in the lead. Three in 10 Clinton supporters say they would switch their vote to Gore if he were to get in the race.

And if Bloomberg jumps in, Republicans are the ones who would be hurt. Bloomberg would get about 6%-8% of a general election vote, according to the poll, and in all six general election scenarios, Democrats improved or maintained their margins.