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More oh-eight: 250,000 donors? Wow.

It looks like Obama's camp is trying to one-up Clinton's camp on the fundraising front by being the first of the major candidates to tease out something from their 2nd quarter FEC report. The AP gets the scoop that the campaign has nearly 250,000 donors, up from the 104,000 donors that gave to Obama in the 1st quarter. "The campaign was announcing a goal Thursday of attracting 250,000 donors by midnight on Saturday, the next money reporting deadline. It was 7,214 short as of Wednesday. The campaign said it collected 335,953 contributions — meaning that many individuals made repeat donations — and its goal will be to reach 350,000 by the deadline."  Aides to his top competitor, Hillary Clinton "say she will match her $26 million from the first quarter. That another candidate could even approach her fundraising prowess was unthinkable six months ago."

Meanwhile, the candidate many expect to lead the GOP field in fundraising, Mitt Romney, is now noting that Fred Thompson's flirtation with a run has hurt his fundraising a bit.

One of China's top government officials met with representatives of six presidential candidates during a trip to the U.S. last week. The campaign reps this Chinese official met with: Biden, Clinton, Edwards, McCain, Obama and Romney. Among the topics were Darfur and the Beijing Olympics.

A new Gallup poll shows that Hispanics are identifying with Democrats by a greater number than in 2004. A similar finding was made in our most recent NBC/WSJ poll. In the piece, USA Today notes that, so far, the chief beneficiary of this Hispanic movement toward the Democrats is Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Daily Kos, the leading blog on the left, unveiled the results of its monthly user straw poll, and in it, Edwards lead grew slightly over Obama. In May, he was up 15 points; this month, he's up 18 points. Perhaps the most notable fact is that Obama is at a seven-month low; Clinton, of course, is in the low single digits. From Kos himself: "Not much analysis since I'm headed out of here in a few hours. But in short, the Gravel boomlet is over. Richardson continues to tank. He had his own serious boomlet here while his poll numbers were non existent. Now, as his candidacy gains steam in the early states, he fades here. I'm surprised Obama isn't doing better than this and I suspect his numbers will improve. Still, the Daily Kos primary is a two-man race."