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'Question Mark Guy' Loves Obama

From NBC's Chris Donovan

New Hampshirites might get a surprise this summer when they answer the knock at their door and they see The Question Mark Suit Guy.
Maryland resident Matthew Lesko -- the author and infomercial personality who has been telling Americans how they can get free services and money from the federal government for years -- proudly displays a Barack Obama bumper sticker on his question mark-covered car, and confirmed that he is supporting the Illinois senator for president. In a phone interview, Lesko said he has contributed to Obama's campaign and is "very excited" about his candidacy, in part because of Obama's focus on "getting together and helping each other" and getting young people involved and interested in the process.

One of those young people is Lesko's son, Max, who after volunteering for the campaign has recently been hired as a paid employee of Obama's New Hampshire team. Lesko says he plans on heading up to the Granite State sometime in the near future and knocking on doors for the campaign. Lesko said he considers himself an independent, and in the past he's supported Maryland's 8th District Congressman Chris Van Hollen. And according to the FEC's web site, he gave Bill Bradley $500 for his 2000 presidential run.

When asked if he had any advice for the Obama campaign, Lesko points out that they could take advantage of government offices that provide guidance on election laws, rather than having to spend a lot of money in legal fees to get the same information. As to whether or not the campaign has sought his expertise on raising money, he notes, "I haven't been asked." Lesko said he has yet to meet Obama, but hopes to soon.