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Oh-eight (D): Is Richardson 1st Tier?

CLINTON: The Politico is the latest to report on the Clinton campaign's alleged negative-message polling.


The campaign should be happy this morning, as the New York Times has picked up on their Coulter feud with just days to go before the end of the 2nd quarter. Elizabeth Edwards also hit the morning-show circuit today, including an appearance on TODAY. She also gave an interview to the Des Moines Register to follow-up on her confrontation with Coulter. "Edwards said she did not consult her husband before making the call, though she said campaign aides tracked down the phone number for her. She was sitting in an airport between campaign visits when she saw Coulter on television and called the show."

How much is Coulter a part of the campaign's last-minute fundraising strategy? NBC's Shawna Thomas reports that it sent out an email to its text-messaging subscribers letting them know they can text the campaign to listen to an exchange between Elizabeth Edwards and Coulter.

GORE: Fast Company does a profile of Gore and his post-vice presidency financial success, and the piece claims he may be worth at least $100 million now. During his run for president in 2000, his assets were in the low seven figures.


The Washington Post's Milbank "sketches" Bill Richardson and leads: "Running for the vice presidency is a delicate operation, but Bill Richardson seems to be getting the hang of it." Richardson "is running for president, of course, but should that fail he has already mastered the first responsibility of the running mate: Don't overshadow the top of the ticket. This trait was in evidence yesterday when Richardson gave a lunchtime foreign policy speech in Washington at the exact moment Hillary Clinton was giving one of her own… Clinton's and Richardson's speeches had much in common yesterday; Clinton spoke about 'engaging with those with whom we disagree' and Richardson argued 'that we must talk to the Iranians with no preconditions.' But they departed on style: Richardson ponderous, Clinton platitudinous."

The Washington Times also covers Richardson's speech on Iran yesterday: "Mr. Richardson, a former American ambassador to the United Nations, said the United States must approach Iran with 'a stick in one hand and a carrot in the other and urged the government to have broad talks with Iran with no 'preconditions.'

We received this release from the campaign last night: "… Richardson's campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination is building momentum and gaining new support across the country. Earlier this week, the campaign released a poll showing a huge jump in Governor Richardson's support in Iowa. In fact, among the likeliest Iowa caucus-goers, Governor Richardson is now polling ahead of Senator Barack Obama… Also today, respected polling website Pollster.com added Governor Richardson to its 'Top Democrat' tracking charts. In doing so, Pollster.com became the latest media observer to confirm what the voters already know: Bill Richardson has broken into the top tier."

Just curious, but can you really be considered a top tier candidate if you have to send a press release declaring that one Web site said you should be in the top tier? The reality: The Democratic field is now four tiers: Clinton and Obama in tier 1; Edwards and Richardson in tier 2; Biden and Dodd in tier 3, and Dennis and Mike in the peanut gallery.