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Clinton camp on 2nd Quarter

From NBC's Mark Murray

Not to be outdone by the Obama campaign -- after it leaked the number of donors it expects for the second quarter -- Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson has released a memo discussing its fundraising projections, Clinton's electability, and even Bill Clinton's campaign help. On its second quarter fundraising: "We expect to bring in about what we did in the First Quarter, or slightly more, which should put us in the range of $27 million. To put that figure in some perspective, it is more than any Democrat has ever raised in the second quarter of the "off" year. While that figure is record setting, we do expect Senator Obama to significantly outraise us this quarter." (Again, we'll point out that it would be a significant story if Obama beats Clinton in primary money for two-straight quarters, especially with her and her husband's connections.)

On Hillary's electability: "As [Clinton strategist] Mark Penn likes to say, people always ask 'can Hillary win?' but he has never had this asked of someone who is already winning. This week's national polls underscore that observation."

On Bill: "President Clinton hits the campaign trail with Hillary next week, when they'll barnstorm together across Iowa. Later this month, he'll campaign with Hillary in New Hampshire. We know that President Clinton is a huge asset in this race. He's uniquely positioned to talk about Hillary's biography and her lifelong commitment to children and families because he knows her life's story better than anyone."