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The New York Times: "By a vote of 64 to 35, the Senate decided on Tuesday to take up a revised version of a comprehensive immigration bill that was pulled from the Senate floor nearly three weeks ago." But: "The vote did not guarantee passage of the bill." The Washington Times adds that there are at least a dozen senators who have said that their 'Yes' vote yesterday was simply to begin the debate, and that they could vote to block the bill through a filibuster vote, or vote against it on final passage.

While the Senate moved a tiny bit closer to passing an immigration bill, the House GOP caucus held a vote yesterday indicating that just 23 members could support the Senate legislation. That's at least 40 members short of Speaker Pelosi's demand of 60-70 GOP votes before she'll bring the immigration reform bill to the House floor.

And the Los Angeles Times points out that while more Republicans decided to vote for bringing the bill back to the Senate floor, a handful of Democrats actually voted against doing just that.