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Hillary on international affairs

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum

At the inaugural forum of the Center for a New American Security, Hillary Clinton gave a vast overview of her stances on international policy. In a speech that touched on numerous areas of her foreign policy experience and ideas, Clinton was critical of the Bush Administration's foreign policies, even making a joke at Vice President Cheney's expense. Her speech ranged from topics like Iraq and Afghanistan to China and Darfur.

She stated America must be the world's leader, but must restore its standing in the world in order to do so. She mentioned a big part in foreign policy is to renew alliances around the world and to work on the following issues: genocide, human rights, nuclear proliferation, and global warming.

On Iraq, she repeated her belief that it is time to bring the troops home. "Iraq continues to steal young American lives," Clinton said. She also said the president has been told by numerous generals and the Iraq Study Group there is no military solution to Iraq, only political, and said if the president does not change course, "any Iraqi government is condemned to failure."
The most significant threat, Clinton said, is nuclear proliferation. She said her administration would have a senior adviser to the president on this specific issue. And her speech also touched on Asia and Africa. In Asia, Clinton said its rising technological power may hurt America. In Africa, she called for a no-fly zone, and possible military action with NATO in Darfur if Sudan did not cooperate. She also said there are "good news stories in Africa."