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Other fundraising emails

From NBC's Shawna Thomas
First Read has written about Bill Clinton's fundraising email for his wife, as well as Elizabeth Edwards' newest one on Ann Coulter. Well, here are some of the other emails the campaigns are sending with the end of the second quarter rapidly approaching.

Huckabee's campaign has this: "Over the next weeks and months I will spend considerable amounts of time on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina visiting with voters, listening to their hopes and concerns and sharing with them my vision for America," Huckabee says in the email. "You can be certain your contribution will be invested wisely to build a grassroots team in each state."

And since McCain doesn't rely on big money contributions from Washington lobbyist types, he's depending on you, the email states. "With your generous contribution today, we can thank John McCain for taking our side in the crusade against wasteful Washington. Your immediate support is needed to help us meet our goal of raising $3 million before midnight on Saturday."