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Bill makes his pitch

From NBC's Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro

Bill Clinton won't hit the campaign trail for his wife until next week, but he's already pitching in -- at least electronically -- to help boost Hillary's second quarter fundraising numbers. In an email solicitation that just arrived in our inboxes, Clinton says 1) that Hillary's opponents might outraise her; 2) that she won't let Swift Boat-like attacks go unanswered; and 3) that she turned down high-paying jobs out of law school to help children -- which is similar to the message that Obama tries to get across in his first TV ads.

"Come June 30, all the campaigns will be measured on what they raised in the last three months. We have to raise more online before then to show her strength and keep her campaign going," Bill says. "The fact is, our opponents may very well outraise us -- and we can't afford to lose momentum now."
More: "She's also the best candidate to beat the Republican machine. You know Hillary will never let a swift boat-style attack go unanswered. Even when they outspent her two-to-one in her Senate campaign, she still came out on top -- in a landslide. And when she ran for reelection, she won almost 60 percent of the votes in New York counties that went for President Bush in 2004. When Republicans saw what she did, instead of what her opponents said about her, they voted for her too."

And: 'When I met her more than 35 years ago, I thought Hillary had the best combination of mind and heart I'd ever seen -- and I still do. But it's going to take every dollar to make sure that Americans get to know the real Hillary, like I do."