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'Run Fred, run'

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum

When Fred Thompson arrived in Nashville this morning, he had a warm homecoming. Supporters greeted him with loud cheers of "Run Fred, Run." At another point, supporters started to chant "Fred, Fred, Fred." Some held home-made signs saying, "I'm Proud to be a Fred Head, FDT '08." The TV star and former senator signed a few.
Thompson recounted his decision to run for the presidency. "I've never craved the office of the presidency," he said. "You all know me well enough to know that. I've always been a Tennessean; I've always run in Tennessee. But these times are different and to have the opportunity maybe to make a difference ... in the direction of your country, and to be able to provide some leadership, is something that you cannot turn your back on."
At this point, a supporter in the audience yelled, "Your country needs you Fred!" The rest of the supporters continued to cheer for Thompson, who kept the visit short.