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He's up and awaaay…

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro

Obama is up in Iowa this week with the first TV ads of his campaign, the AP reports. They are biographical and try to highlight his sense of social justice and bill him as a consensus builder.

The first ad focuses on Obama's decision to turn down lucrative offers from law firms after graduating from Harvard Law. Instead, he moved to Chicago to work as a civil rights attorney. The second focuses on his work in the Illinois state Senate. Both ads feature Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and Republican Illinois state Sen. Kirk Dillard.

"Senator Obama worked on some of the deepest issues we had and was successful in a bipartisan way," Dillard says in the second ad.

"It was inspiring, absolutely inspiring to see someone as brilliant as Barack Obama, as successful, someone who could have written his ticket on Wall Street, take all of the talent and all of the learning and decide to devote it to the community and to make people's lives better," Tribe says in the commercial.

Obama has been polling near the top of the field in Iowa along with Clinton and Edwards. The ads are the latest push by the Obama camp to try to separate him from the pack. The ads follow a mass mailing which included a DVD biography of the senator.