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More oh-eight: The Money Chase

Newsweek does its "Can-Bloomberg-Be-Serious story and notes something that we're guessing eventual Bloomberg foes will highlight. "Bloomberg demands loyalty. Employees who leave are seldom, if ever, welcomed back. At Bloomberg News, security is strict. All employees must wear identity badges at all times; a fingerprint identification is required to log on to computers. Cameras survey the newsroom, in part to make sure no one is leaking sensitive financial data. To encourage communication and fraternity, free snacks are available in an office food court. To some Bloomberg staffers, it all seems a bit Orwellian, though they say that ethics standards are high and that hard work is fairly rewarded."

Clinton and Fred Thompson lead in Nevada, according to a new Mason-Dixon poll. Clinton has a substantial double-digit lead over Obama (39%-17%), while Thompson, who has not even declared yet for the presidential race, leads Mitt Romney (25%-20%, a statistical tie). Rounding out the Democratic field, Edwards is five points behind Obama, and Richardson registers five points behind Edwards. On the GOP side, Giuliani comes in with 17%, McCain with 8%, Huckabee with 3%. Undecideds made up 21% of the vote on the Democratic side and 23% on the Republican side.

With less than a week to go before the June 30 fundraising deadline, speculation is running wild in the press. Politico has Romney potentially raising at least $14 million this quarter, noting that the Romney camp is pointing to the first two quarters of George W. Bush in '99 as the "gold standard." Bush raised $37 million by the end of June 30 in '99. Romney raised $23 million. Meanwhile, "McCain is expected to finish last again among the top three declared candidates, resurrecting fresh doubts about what has happened to the former front-runner."

Don't forget: Fred Thompson does NOT have to report a number this quarter since he's only formed a "testing the waters" committee. But expect their campaign to leak a number if it is above $5 million.

Clinton raised approximately $2 million at an Indian-American fundraiser yesterday. This story claims that Obama's leaked oppo memo on Clinton's relationship with key Indian-Americans only helped to increase the support Clinton received.

Meanwhile the Washington Post reported on Saturday that the Richardson folks are bragging they'll outraise Edwards this quarter. That would be something, if it's true.