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Pelosi got heckled too

From NBC's Carrie Dann

Although she's more popular with the Left than the comparatively hawkish Senator Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi  was also heckled at the "Take Back America" conference in DC this morning, where Clinton also faced boos from some anti-war protestors. As she was listing her legislative priorities, an audience member interrupted, "And bring the troops home!" She responded to the resulting crescendo of hisses from the crowd with a smile. "I always say that the best preparation for combat is combat," she said, "So go for it!"
The static from the anti-war crowd was previewed by interruptions during remarks by Rep. Jack Murtha, who introduced the Speaker. Murtha even briefly argued from the dais with a protestor below. An audience member objected to the congressman's assertion that Pelosi has shepherded an anti-war agenda in the House, shouting, "No, she hasn't!" Eyes rolling, Murtha responded. "Yes, she has."
Closing her remarks, Pelosi acknowledged the brewing civil war within the Democratic Party but appealed for unity. "We have the will of the American people to end this war...  Instead of fighting us, which is your right to do, let's all work together to convince the American people that this is possible. End the war and bring the troops home."