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More oh-eight (D)

CLINTON: The Wash. Post notes how the campaign is trying to remind voters of her Chicago roots. "Introducing biographical information about her childhood and early adulthood, her advisers hope, will flesh out the familiar caricature of Clinton as an overly ambitious careerist who leaves scandal in her wake. After 15 years in Washington, she is also seen as an inside-the-Beltway figure; underscoring her Midwestern upbringing is, they believe, one way to shift that view (while also, not coincidentally, appealing to voters in Midwestern swing states such as Ohio)." 

 OBAMA: NYT's Krugman likes, but doesn't love, Obama's health care plan. "On the whole, the Obama plan is better than I feared but not as comprehensive as I would have liked. It doesn't quell my worries that Mr. Obama's dislike of "bitter and partisan" politics makes him too cautious."

IOWA: Five of the six major Democrats rallied Iowa Dems at the party's annual Hall of Fame dinner with Clinton and Edwards showing off their superior resources and organizations. Obama did not attend. 

BTW, don't miss Joe Biden's decision to take a shot at Edwards during the dinner proceedings.

Biden, ended his speech "on a light note, firing a gentle shot at Mr. Edwards, who has spent considerable time explaining an expensive haircut he paid for with campaign money earlier this year. "I wish my hair was worth $400," said Mr. Biden, who was quickly drowned out by the crowd's laughter.