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30 minutes before kick off

From NBC's Mark Murray
MANCHESTER, NH -- One thing is certainly different from the first Democratic debate -- the weather. It's chilly and rainy here, compared with the heat and humidity in Orangeburg, SC back in April.

But will the debate heat things up? We shall see. One Edwards aide drew our attention to a veiled shot Edwards took at Clinton (and perhaps Obama too) yesterday in Iowa. "Now is not the time for careful, it is not the time for cautious, it is not the time for political calculation. It is the time for strength, it is the time for backbone, it is the time for courage, it is the time for bold, visionary leadership. And the place that begins is on the war in Iraq." A preview of things to come tonight?

The media filing center -- located in a basketball gymnasium here at Saint Anselm College -- is beginning to buzz with activity. Kick off is in 30 minutes.