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McCain and Giuliani on Thompson

From NBC's Andrew Merten
Two of the current top-tier GOP presidential candidates have had to field questions in the past two days about Fred Thompson's apparent presidential bid, and they're making an effort to appear unfazed by the addition. Speaking to reporters in Memphis this morning, McCain quipped, "He should be president –- he's already been president two or three times. I've seen him in the movies," adding that he doesn't believe there is any doubt Thompson will run.

Giuliani also had to address the subject of the growing GOP field while speaking in New York yesterday. When asked if he's concerned that a potential Thompson run would hurt him in the polls, the former mayor smiled and said, "There are now ten Republican candidates, if there are eleven or twelve it's not going to change things very much," adding that more choices is better for the party. Giuliani did become a bit defensive, though, reminding his audience that he's had more executive experience than most of his competitors.