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More oh-eight (D)

CLARK: Remember Wes Clark? The Politico notes how he "has seemed to vanish without a trace" in the presidential race. "'I haven't said I won't run,' Clark told Politico.com. 'I think about running every single day.' But in the meantime, he's been acting more like a Democratic Party wise man than a candidate in his own right, to the degree that he's offered private advice in recent weeks to potential rivals. He's spoken in recent weeks to leading presidential candidates, said Clark spokesman Erick Mullen."

CLINTON: The New York senator was in Silicon Valley yesterday. The San Francisco Chronicle says she "reprised some of the favorite technology-friendly themes of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, argued Thursday that the nation must 'hit the restart button on the 21st century' and get back to an agenda that will assure America's place as an 'innovation superpower.'" The article also notes she "unveiled a nine-point innovation agenda, which she said recognized the challenges of globalization, technology, energy efficiency and the 'growing concern that America is losing its competitive edge' under the policies of the Bush administration."

Page Six notes that new Clinton biographer Jeff Gerth is married to "a top foreign policy aide" to Chris Dodd.

If you missed Matt Lauer's interview on TODAY with Carl Bernstein about his new book on Hillary Clinton, you can catch an excerpt of the book here

EDWARDS: Bloomberg's Johnston finds that despite the (sometimes superficial) bad press Edwards has received these last few weeks, his standing in Iowa is still strong. "His standing is a testament to his organization in the state, his skills on the stump and two dozen visits since the 2004 election, Iowa political observers say."

Arrrrggghh. He may not look like a pirate, but that's exactly what Spain is calling John Edwards, the New York Daily News writes. Edwards is an investor with a group called Odyssey Marine Exploration, which found a sunken treasure trove worth $500 million. It's already back in the U.S., but Spain says it rightly belongs to them.

Only a Democrat with lots of trial lawyer friends can raise real money in a VERY RED state like Utah. Edwards expects to raise $100,000 tonight in Salt Lake City.

OBAMA: Time's Tumulty goes through a list of things Obama has talked about that, on the one hand, will win him praise with newspaper editorial boards but, on the other hand, could cost him when Mandy Grunwald starts making contrast TV ads. "Obama knows he is not the first to compete in a Democratic primary as the self-styled truth teller against the party's Establishment and entrenched interests. Gary Hart tried it against Walter Mondale in 1984, and in the pre-Sister Souljah months of 1992, Paul Tsongas famously branded Clinton a 'pander bear.' Bill Bradley and Howard Dean took their turns in 2000 and 2004. Obama says he is well aware of how the approach turned out for his predecessors in the role: 'They lost.' But this time, he says, he thinks the result could be different. 'The country understands we have a series of choices now that, if we put them off any longer, will be much tougher to deal with, and we may not be able to deal with them at all,' he says. 'So I think there's going to be greater responsiveness to people who are actually saying what they think.' It helps that Obama delivers his truth telling with a heavy dollop of optimism."

Speaking of these "Souljah" moments, one of them took place in Detroit, where Obama beat up the auto industry. And Ford chairman Bill Ford Jr. is fighting back. Ford said Thursday he was "very disappointed" in the criticism Obama dished out to Detroit. He also criticized efforts in Congress to radically increase fuel economy. "'I would love to invite him to our Chicago assembly plant in his state and see where we make a vehicle that's more efficient than the one he's currently driving,' Ford said to applause at the Detroit Regional Chamber's Mackinac Policy Conference." 

Would Obama be our first president to put a hoop above the White House garage? Or would the bowling alley be remodeled to fit his basketball needs? In all seriousness, the New York Times front-pages Obama's basketball exploits and notes how he's unafraid to get physical down low. "From John F. Kennedy's sailing to Bill Clinton's golf mulligans to John Kerry's windsurfing, sports has been used, correctly or incorrectly, as a personality decoder for presidents and presidential aspirants. So, armchair psychologists and fans of athletic metaphors, take note: Barack Obama is a wily player of pickup basketball, the version of the game with unspoken rules, no referee and lots of elbows."

We guess the implication is that if Obama's unafraid to throw an elbow to get a rebound, he won't be afraid to do that on the campaign trail?

The Jewish Journal profiles one of Obama's financial rainmakers, Alan Solomont.