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The New York Times reports that on Wednesday, Edwards told an interviewer at a Google-sponsored in California "that he had read the classified October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate before voting to authorize force in Iraq, but his campaign retracted the statement yesterday. A spokesman for Mr. Edwards said the candidate had 'simply misunderstood the question' and noted that Mr. Edwards had read only a declassified version of the intelligence report."

The Politico has more -- including a YouTube clip -- on what Edwards said about the NIE on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Valerie Plame Wilson is suing the CIA "over its refusal to allow her to publish a memoir that would discuss how long she had worked for the agency. Although that information is set out in an unclassified letter to Ms. Wilson that has been published in the Congressional Record, the C.I.A. contends that her dates of service remain classified and may not be mentioned in 'Fair Game,' the memoir Ms. Wilson hopes to publish in October."

Meanwhile, Scooter Libby's defense lawyers argued yesterday that he should serve no prison time, the Washington Post writes. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday.

In his weekly National Journal column, NBC political analyst Charlie Cook looks at the 2008 congressional map. "For congressional Republican to have a realistic chance of breaking even or even gaining a bit of ground next year, the situation in Iraq will have to fundamentally change."