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RNC radio ad slams Dems

From NBC's Mark Murray
The Republican National Committee has announced it will air a radio ad in New Hampshire on the eve of the Democratic presidential debate there that slams Clinton, Edwards, and Obama for opposing the just-passed Iraq supplemental. The ad features New Hampshire State Representative Al Baldasaro, a retired United States Marine who fought in Iraq during the Gulf War, who says:

"A few weeks ago, Barack Obama said he didn't want to play chicken with the troops and create a situation where they wouldn't have the equipment they need. Last month, Hillary Clinton said 'of course' she would fund our troops. And John Edwards said in mid-May, 'it's time to support our troops.' And yet they were all against an emergency supplemental bill to fund our troops in Iraq... Is politics more important than our troops in harm's way?"

Of course, both Clinton and Obama voted for the first Iraq supplemental that contained a timetable for withdrawal, which Bush vetoed. And all three Democrats opposed the supplemental that passed because it didn't contain that timetable.