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Hillary on the NIE

From NBC's Andrew Merten and Mark Murray
During a press conference in Los Angeles yesterday, Clinton responded to the recent news alleging that she most likely did not read the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq before voting to authorize the war. Said Clinton: "We were thoroughly briefed by the people who wrote that estimate, by the people who supervised its writing, on numerous occasions.  And I believe that I received all of the information that was necessary for me to reach a judgment."

She went on to repeat her now-familiar appeal to looking to the present and stressing the importance of convincing President Bush and congressional Republicans to begin extricating US troops from Iraq.

But Clinton's response raises more questions: If the vote was the "hardest decision" she has ever made, was a briefing by the people who wrote the estimate sufficient to reach that decision? And if then-Sen. Bob Graham (D) said he decided to vote against the war authorization because he had read the entire NIE report, as Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr. write in the New York Times magazine, then did she really have all the information she needed to reach a judgment?