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Yepsen: Biden's profile in courage

From NBC's Mark Murray
We missed this earlier, but the dean of Iowa political journalists -- the Des Moines Register's David Yepsen -- has a column today noting Biden's "profile in courage" for being the sole Senate Democratic presidential hopeful to vote FOR the Iraq supplemental. "That's not a very popular thing to do in a party where anti-war passions run high. Biden was already struggling to break into the top tier of candidates, and his vote could cost him dearly with some on caucus night... Biden said during a meeting with Des Moines Register reporters and editors on Tuesday that he voted for the funding bill largely because it contained funding for new armored vehicles that will better resist roadside bombs... 'I find it absolutely unconscionable that I would delay, to make a point, a week to two to a month, the construction of these vehicles,' he said."