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BIDEN: Campaign manager Luis Navarro issued this statement regarding the pressure MoveOn is putting on the campaign to drop out of the FOX/Congressional Black Caucus debate. "We applaud Moveon.org's efforts to change the President's policies in Iraq.  It is unfortunate that Moveon.org is more concerned that candidates not attend a debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, than they are about the fact that leading candidates are ducking this debate as well as the Iraq-only debate sponsored by Johns Hopkins and the Financial Times."

Speaking of, the AP reports that Dodd and Richardson will skip the Fox Democratic debate. Clinton, Obama and Edwards have already said they will bypass the event.

CLINTON: The Los Angeles Times covered the event, but check out what story got more play on the front page -- Kobe or Clinton? It was Kobe.

In Nevada yesterday, Clinton was asked some interesting questions about her own wealth. "'I know a lot of rich people. My husband and I never had any money ... now all (of a) ... sudden we're rich,' Clinton said. 'I have nothing against rich people. ... but what made America great is the American middle class.'"

The New York Daily News takes a look at Hillary Clinton surpassing other Dems on YouTube. She has received 1.3 million video views since she launched her contest for a new campaign song.

EDWARDS: Campaigning in California today, Edwards will unveil his policy to fight rising gas prices, as well as talk about his energy policy. Per his campaign, Edwards will propose calling for an immediate investigation into the causes of higher gasoline prices and for stronger enforcement of laws to ensure free and open competition. He also will propose creating a "New Energy Economy" with biofuels, electric and hybrid vehicles, and more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. 

OBAMA: The Illinois senator heads to Nevada today where, among other things, he'll tape an interview with Nevada's leading political analyst Jon Ralston.