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More oh-eight (R)

GINGRICH: The ex-speaker apparently drew 1,200 to a speech yesterday at the Nixon library.

GIULIANI: The campaign has hired Donald Trump Jr. as a fundraiser. Trump's father has endorsed both Giuliani and Clinton.

MCCAIN: On June 18, McCain's campaign will hold a major fundraiser in Boston -- Romney's home turf -- with former acting Gov. Jane Swift among the organizers. 
Business Week has an interview with McCain. Here's one notable excerpt:
Q: How is America perceived around the world?
A: It's worse probably than it has ever been. When I'm President, I will close Guantánamo Bay. I will address climate change in the most serious fashion. And we will never torture another person being held in detention. And I would be humble.

PAUL: He got his moment in the sun yesterday with his attack on Giuliani at the National Press Club. Per the New York Times' Caucus blog, "Paul expressed disbelief that Mr. Giuliani had never heard the occupation explanation before and suggested the 'possibility that Mr. Giuliani has not been well informed.' 'I don't think he's qualified to be president, mainly because of his views,' Mr. Paul said of Mr. Giuliani. 'I'm giving Mr. Giuliani a reading assignment," he announced. Here's the syllabus:
–"Blowback" by Chalmers Johnston
–"Dying to Win" by Robert A. Pape
–"Imperial Hubris" by Michael Sheuer (The former head of the C.I.A.'s Osama bin Laden Unit was there to bolster Mr. Paul's calls for a new, non-interventionist foreign policy.)
–The 9/11 Commission Report

The Dallas Morning News: "Responding, the Giuliani campaign said Dr. Paul's claims were reckless and that to 'declare Rudy Giuliani needs to be educated on September 11th when millions of people around the world saw him dealing with these terrorist attacks firsthand is just as absurd.'"

ROMNEY: The former governor has moved so far to the right on some key social issues that he now garners headlines when he says something more liberal on a social stance. In this case, he says he's NOT anti-gay, even though he's against gay marriage.

F. THOMPSON: The candidate-to-be spoke last night in Connecticut at the annual Prescott Bush awards dinner. According to the New York Sun, Thompson started his speech "with some decidedly non-red meat, praising Mr. Shays, who was supposed to be at the dinner last night but had to be in Washington to vote. He then noted Senator Lieberman's support for Mr. Thompson's investigation into the Clinton-China fund-raising scandal in the 1990s, disclosing that he was 'proud' to have given money to Mr. Lieberman's campaign (which one wasn't specified)." All in all, the reporter came away convinced Thompson was running.

Where will Thompson get his seed money? Try '00 and '04 Bush donors. According to a Business Week analysis over 600 Bush Pioneers/Rangers have yet to give money to the GOP candidates.