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More oh-eight (R)

BROWNBACK: He's campaigning with Christian leader David Barton throughout Iowa today.

This morning, meanwhile, the Brownback camp announced that it picked up the endorsement from Norma McCorvey -- the now pro-life "Jane Roe" of  Roe v. Wade.

GINGRICH: A Dallas-based radio show that Gingrich appeared on yesterday sent out a press release noting that the ex-Speaker said on this show that he'll "probably" run.

GIULIANI: While the Giuliani camp has given the same reassurances to Iowans and reporters about competing in Iowa in January, the campaign has yet to commit to competing in the straw poll. The campaign said it would make a final decision about the straw poll in the next 20 days (actually, its now 19 days).

HUNTER: South Carolina's famous -- or infamous, depending on your point of view -- Bob Jones III stopped by a Duncan Hunter event yesterday. Jones didn't endorse Hunter but was simply checking him out. In an interview, Jones ruled out supporting either McCain or Giuliani but did have nice things to say about Romney. Jones "said he respects Romney's beliefs as long he doesn't try to confuse Christianity with Mormonism." Jones also said good things about Huckabee.

MCCAIN: By the way, isn't McCain "just being McCain?" That's what GOP analyst Jennifer Rubin asks. And if that's the case, hasn't that worked for McCain in the past?  "This is the real McCain -- stubbornly principled and impatient toward those he perceives with lower ethical standards. His critics would add: politically reckless. He may be one voter's maverick and another's lose cannon, but I suspect it is the real McCain. The GOP voters will decide if he is what they had in mind to lead the party and the country."

Also, it's not every day that McCain gets some love from the conservative Union Leader editorial page. "We disagree with the senator about the immigration bill. But we admire his determination to do what he believes is right even at great personal risk. McCain is gambling his political career on his belief that Americans want a leader, not a follower. So far, no other presidential candidate has had the guts to do the same."

ROMNEY: Mitt Romney ripped into ABC News for their report about US operations in Iran, saying that the network was hurting national security. Romney has escalated his attacks on the media over the last few months.