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More jousting over the GWOT

From NBC's Mark Murray and Carrie Dann
At a town hall today in Florida, Romney pounced on Edwards' statement yesterday that the "war on terrorism" is nothing more than a slogan. Per a transcript provided by his campaign, Romney said, "I was shocked to see just a day or two ago, John Edwards – a candidate for President of the United States – say there's not a War on Terror." There were boos.
Romney continued, "Yeah, boo. Maybe he needs to explain that to the people in London, to the people in Madrid, to the people in Tanzania, to the people in Saudi Arabia. Explain that to the people in Indonesia, in Bali. Explain that to the people of New York City. Explain that to the people of Lebanon. Explain that to the people in Israel that there's not a War on Terror. You see the terrorists are fighting a war on us. We've got to make sure that we're fighting a war on them."
Interestingly, Edwards took this shot just a few hours ago. "George Bush has made America less safe and less respected in the world... And what we're seeing now in this campaign is John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, the other Republicans running for president of the United States are trying to be a bigger, badder George Bush. Is that really what America wants over the next four years?"