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Even more oh-eight

Here's Chuck's full write-up of the focus group teased out in yesterday's First Read.

Is America falling more in love with all the presidential candidates? If it's possible, every single major candidate for president has seen his/her FAV/UNFAV ratio improve in the most recent Gallup poll. Clinton, McCain, Edwards, Romney, Obama, and Giuliani all saw their FAV ratings rise and their UNFAV ratings go down. A sign the country is getting more comfortable with their choices?

Clinton: went from 50/47 earlier this month to 53/45 now; McCain from 50/30 to 54/27; Romney from 24/22 to 27/19; Edwards from 49/31 to 56/24 ratio; Obama from 50/24 to 55/20; and Giuliani -- in the smallest improvement -- from 61/24 to 62/24.

Did you know the Democratic candidates were invited to participate in a forum that's going to be held at an Indian gambling resort? So far, only Richardson and Gravel have committed thanks mostly to a problem regarding labor.

Speaking of Richardson, Dean David Broder is smitten with him and Huckabee -- and he believes that if any candidates break through from the second tier to the first, it will be one of these two.

The New Hampshire Union Leader's DiStaso reports that it is a "near certainty" now that the Granite State will move its primary up from Jan. 22, thanks to the move by Florida to Jan. 29. Speculation by some has indicated New Hampshire will be a week earlier, Jan. 15 -- which in turn would motivate Iowa to move from Jan. 14 to Jan. 7.

And The Politico looks at both why Bloomberg can't win a presidential race and why it his run could still matter