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Previewing Edwards' speech

From NBC's Mark Murray
First Read obtained the outline of the national security speech Edwards will give later today at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. In the speech, he will call for moving beyond Bush's "Global War on Terror" doctrine. "What we need is not more slogans but a comprehensive strategy to deal with the complex challenge of both delivering justice and being just," he will say. "Not hard power. Not soft power. Smart power."

To achieve that, Edwards will propose strengthening US partnerships, having an effective intelligence strategy that adheres to the rule of law, and solving global poverty (which he believes is a moral AND security issue). He also will calls for rebuilding the military -- by repairing civil-military relations, rooting out cronyism and waste at the Pentagon, and reconfiguring force structure to meet the challenges of the new century. And Edwards will say that he will use offensive force only after all others options, including diplomacy, have failed.