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Even more oh-eight: Debate watch

— Twenty-six members of the Congressional Black Caucus have written the three Democratic front-runners (Obama, Clinton, and Edwards) to ask them to reconsider their decision to skip a debate cosponsored by the CBC and Fox News.

Speaking of debates, The Politico's Wilner writes that CNN, a sponsor of the next round of debates on June 3 and 5, "recently announced it would release its debate footage for public use. If other networks follow suit, the debates will outlast a few television news cycles to become fodder for the conversation online. Past presidential debates have all but faded from memory except for a handful of legendary turning points… But this year's debates won't have to live in memory. Web editors will carve them up into the most interesting segments and sound bites, reinforcing the 'gotcha' quality the 2008 discourse has taken. The snappy one-liner, the odd facial expression, the painful trip -- all will live on the Web in perpetuity."