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Override Tick-tock

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
The override debate will begin round about 12:00 pm noon ET today here in your U.S. House, with and hour of discussion planned. Then comes the vote, likely to begin around 1:15 pm. A 15-minute vote will ensue.

Two-thirds of House members present and voting would be required to override the veto. Currently your House consists of 433 members (two recently deceased), and if by some miracle all of them show up and vote, 289 "Yea" votes would be required to carry.

But whatever the case, they won't come close, seeing as how last week the measure passed by the barest of margins for success: 218 yeas. The only drama will be the possibility that somebody switches their vote based on the policy, as opposed to switching their vote due to some esoteric philosophy regarding override votes. You never know with some of these folks.