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The American Research Group polls show Clinton leading in New Hampshire and South Carolina, but trailing Edwards in Iowa.

Both Clinton and Obama have now agreed "to participate in the June 3 Democratic debate sponsored by the New Hampshire Union Leader, WMUR and CNN," the Union Leader notes. "That event at Saint Anselm College will be followed two nights later by a GOP forum. Every major candidate will take part."

EDWARDS: The North Carolinian participated in an AFL-CIO town hall in Seattle yesterday. (Remember, the AFL-CIO is sponsoring individual town halls for all the Dem candidates). Before speaking on the issues labor cares about, Edwards was able to use the event to take a whack at Bush's veto of the Iraq supplemental, the Seattle Times says.

Per the Seattle P-I, Edwards spoke to about 800 union members and was only "flummoxed" once, "when a woman identifying herself as a bus driver bluntly asked: 'Are you willing, once you're elected, to repeal all right-to-work laws nationally?' The question, referring to laws in 22 states that prohibit closed union shops, drew cheers and whistles. 'That's a jump' from previous questions, Edwards replied, to laughter. But he found a tactful way to suggest that right-to-work laws are more a state, not federal, issue."

RICHARDSON: The New Mexico governor sought to put some distance between himself and Clinton and Obama on the issue of immigration. Richardson criticized the two for voting for the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead, "Richardson said he would double the number of border patrol agents and support improved security technology. He called for a crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants, increased legal immigration quotas and a process for legalization for immigrants already here."