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Oh eight (D)

CLINTON: The AP looks at the gender issue through the prism of voting and notes, "Women sometimes set exceedingly high standards for female candidates." And that could hurt Clinton.

Meanwhile, the St. Pete Times writes that Clinton's speeches in the South last week "showed how she is trying to simultaneously inspire her supporters while softening her image with people who are less fond of her."

EDWARDS: The former North Carolina senator released a book yesterday advocating solutions to poverty.

Elizabeth Edwards was in New Hampshire yesterday arguing that her husband would be as good of an advocate for women as a female presidential candidate would be.

OBAMA: The campaign released a slew of new South Carolina endorsements -- including former party chair Dick Harpootlian and one-time Senate nominee Inez Tenenbaum. Both are significant due to the message they send. Harpootlian and Tenenbaum have been big advocates of electability, and Tenenbaum is eyeing the state's gubernatorial race in 2010. These endorsements suggest a subtle shot at both Edwards (somewhat surprising) and Clinton (not surprising if folks Google Harpootlian's past comments about the candidate).

RICHARDSON: While campaigning in Nevada, Richardson made a regional area type promise that could play well in the state: He said he'd have a Cabinet-level official solely dedicated to water issues, noting that the Department of the Interior doesn't provide enough leadership on the issue.