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Rudy on immigration

From NBC's Carrie Dann
In an address to the Latino Coalition in Washington, DC today, Giuliani focused on the hot-button issue most near and dear to his audience's heart: immigration. He outlined his stance (similar to the Bush administration's proposal of documentation, penalties, and then eventual paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country), but he was careful to portray the immigration debate through the prism of national security -- his strongest issue by far. "If you have 12 million people ... that are here illegally, it is much easier for terrorists and drug dealers and criminals to hide." Registering undocumented immigrants, he proposed "get[s] that number down to a smaller group, so it's easier for me, if I'm the president ... to find the terrorists. Harder for the terrorists to hide."
Giuliani alluded again to the "white flag" comments that prompted a flurry of angry responses last week, when he implied that the election of a Democratic president in 2008 would increase the chances of another terrorist attack, but he softened a bit on the finger-pointing. "I understand why some people sometimes are in denial about this," he said today about potential terrorist threats. "Hard realities are hard to face."
Also of note: Giuliani wove harsh criticism of Hugo Chavez into his remarks on energy, bemoaning America's dependence on oil controlled by the Venezuelan dictator's regime. So keep your eyes peeled for a renewed effort by detractors to unearth business ties between Giuliani's law firm to Citgo Petroleum Corp, technically owned by the Chavez regime since its sale to Venezuela in 1990.