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The blogger-in-chief?

From NBC's Mark Murray
You certainly can't say Fred Thompson is boring. We missed this when it first came out, but before the NFL Draft, Thompson -- who is thinking about running for president and will speak to Orange County Republicans later this week -- blogged on Pajamas Media about the draft and the troubles of Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, whom the league banned for his off-the-field troubles.

He wrote, "As most football fans and all Titans boosters know, Jones and his entourage invaded a strip club (the usual scene of his hooliganisms) during this year's NBA All Star Weekend in Las Vegas. There, he reportedly 'made it rain' by showering the ladies with a satchel full of more than $80,000 in dollar bills."

Tell us, what other presidential candidate is blogging about "making it ran" at a strip club? (He earlier blogged about the movie, "300.")