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More on the day after

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
The day after the debate, many of the Democratic candidates campaigned in South Carolina. Clinton, after briefly returning to DC for an event with educators, held a town hall in a church in Greenville, SC. She addressed a tough question from reporters about her southern accent when she was in Selma, AL two months ago. "I lived about a third of my life in Arkansas, and I lived about a third of my life in Illinois, and I lived about a third of my life on the East Coast. I think America is ready for a multilingual president." This line received a loud applause from the audience. Clinton then said "I think America is ready for a lot of other things too."
Edwards and Kucinich were also in Greenville, eating lunch at OJ's Diner. Edwards was asked about his answer to the moral leadership he received during the debate -- an answer that followed after a solid ten-second delay. Edwards replied, "I'm very proud of that ... I couldn't have possibly answered it better." Last night, Edwards said, "I don't think I could identify one person that I consider to be my moral leader." He then went on to talk about the Lord, his wife, and father.
Dodd, at a kitchen table on homeownership in Charleston, was very optimistic. "I plan on being the nominee of the party, I plan on being the president of the United States... Based on the conversations I've had here, people don't want to be told by outsiders the race is over with. They are going to make up their own minds in South Carolina."