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Tonight's live blogging menu

Readers already know Chuck and Mark are in Orangeburg. I'm the lucky guy back in Washington helping them publish all their posts. Both expect to "live" blog during the debate itself, now less than 90 minutes away.

Our sister blog, Hardblogger, is also getting busy in the blogosphere. Here's what they've got cooking so far:

For Chris Matthews, just having candidates stand together on the same stage can change the direction of campaigns.   

Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin thinks it's unlikely that these early debates will make or break a candidacy. "Unless, of course, one of them makes an unfortunate slip of the tongue as Sen. Kerry and Gov. Allen did in recent months." 

Contributor Hilary Rosen wonders how moderator Brian Williams can make sure that the non-front runners -- Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Gravel and Kucinich -- also get equal time. 

Check Hardblogger often for more ... I'll excerpt the best-of again at some point during the first hour of the debate.

Also, check out this impressive live blogging effort from the The Times & Democrat, the Orangeburg, S.C., daily newspaper that has welcomed the media horde to their turf.