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First take from The Hotline

Over on The Hotline:

  • Still unknown: what constitutes success in Iraq for Edwards, Obama and Clinton.
  • "Do you believe there is such a thing as a global war on terror?" Clinton, Obama and Edwards raise hands.
  • Obama, potentially realizing that he might face some heat for his response to the question of what'd he do if two American cities were nuked,  later clarified his response: "We have genuine enemies out there that have to be hunted down." There is "no contradiction" between using force "intelligently" and building alliances.  Kucinich then noted that his statement was "provocative." Obama calls the idea of initiating a war with Iran "a profound mistake" but says "there is no contradiction taking us the seriously the need to want to strengthen our alliances around the world" but "if we have nuclear proliferators around the war.," that is a "grave" threat. It was strong response.
  • Edwards's efforts to draw out Clinton and Obama on specifics.
  • Obama's refusal to answer the question of how he'd pay for his health care plan.

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