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Clinton "Retooling" Campaign

From NBC's Chuck Todd

Time magazine's Tumulty and Carney have the type of scoop that on any other day would be the talk of the presidential campaign trail. From the now-end-of-the-week newsweekly reporting on the state of Hillary Clinton's campaign:

"Clinton's campaign still professes publicly to be unperturbed, maintaining that it never believed the race would be a cakewalk. "The game plan that we began this campaign with is the game plan we are using today," insists spokesman Phil Singer. But Clinton's advisers privately acknowledge that she is retooling her strategy on four fronts: intensifying her fund-raising, emphasizing her experience and policy depth (she's counting on the upcoming debates to put those on display), pondering when and how to go on the offensive against Obama and dusting off the "two for the price of one" theme of her husband's 1992 campaign. But this time it's Bill you would get in the bargain."

Read the whole story for more detail, including some acknowledgment by Terry McAuliffe that Barack Obama works the phones better than they anticipated.