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Hardblogger analysis

From Hardblogger:

  • Chris Matthews thought the debate was very civilized and therefore," not very exciting."
  • MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says there is no clear winner: "John Edwards just gave a fantastic closing argument. It was the most human moment of the debate and is the type of snapshot of a candidate's soul that moves voters. Barack Obama's best moment may have been standing up to Kucinich on Iran. And Joe Biden waving off happy talk was a moment that would even make heartless Republicans smile. A strong ending for these three. Still, no clear winners."
  • Scarborough adds: "Clinton, Edwards and Obama have done what is required to get out of the first debate. Hillary Clinton should be the next Democratic nominee for president if she avoids big mistakes. Tonight she did."
  • The underperformers, for Scarborough, were Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd. He adds, "The New Mexico governor fighting his tongue as well as Nixonian flop sweat. And the former Alaska senator wins the James Stockdale Memorial Award for confused debate performances."  
  • Tucker Carlson also thought Bill Richardson was amusing. For him, the best question of the night, "How do hedge funds make America a better place?" "The correct answer is: They don't. Yet both candidates [Clinton and Edwards] dodged it." 
  • Hillary Rosen points out  the lack of discussion on "The Gay Married Elephant in the Room"  

Keep checking back with Hardblogger through the night as they continue to get posts from MSNBC analysts… and comments from viewers.